Fall into Autumn Sunday, Oct 26 2008 




As summer turns to fall and we move inside for the cooler months; nesting begins.  As if by instinct, we begin to prepare ourselves for the cold weather by sprucing up and decorating our homes.  Creating a beautiful and comfortable retreat from the cold outside can be achieved with a range of decorating possibilities; from purchasing an entire room full of new furniture to adding a few interesting pillows or a cozy throw.  Embrace the change of seasons and make your home a haven of warmth for you and your family.

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Patricia.DellaTorre@williamsmartel.com or Barbara.McCarty@williamsmartel.com


Newly Arrived Furnishings Wednesday, Sep 17 2008 

A new container has arrived and it contains some of the most beautiful pieces that our English craftsman have ever produced.  Visit our site to see these and other fine furnishings that make the Williams & Martle Collection truly one of a kind.  The workmanship of our pieces combined with the fair pricing are making Williams & Martel Home Furnishings synomomous with quality, style and value.

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The Williams & Martel Collection of Painted Pieces Thursday, Sep 11 2008 

All of the painted furniture in the collection have been carefully selected by Williams & Martel Home Furnishings and have been restored and hand painted by master furniture craftsman in England and imported to the United States.  Each piece is a superior combination of timeless style and functionality.  

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Private Places Sunday, Aug 31 2008 


Every home needs a private place created for a quiet time of reading, a phone call, or just to reflect on the day, but not every home has a room to spare.  Create a private sanctuary in the corner of a bedroom, living room, den, or any space that can give you a little time away from the activity of daily family life.  This can be done simply by placing a chair and small table in the corner of the room and adding a table lamp for soft relaxed lighting or a vase for flowers.  Take time out of your busy day to enjoy time by yourself in a beautiful space designed just for you.

Williams & Martel Home Furnishings imports a variety of beautiful home accent pieces that can help you create your own private get away.  From cherry cricket tables and chairs to small painted dressers, we can help you design a space that you can truly call your own.


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Patricia.DellaTorre@WilliamsMartel.com or Barbara.McCarty@WilliamsMartel.com


Personal Style Saturday, Aug 23 2008 


Gray Painted Bench $1400

Gray Painted Bench $1400


Decorating should be a fun way to explore and display your personality, not an exercise in “getting it right.”  The family room pictured above is a great example of a combination of various styles that have been collected over time and placed together to create a warm and interesting view into the owner’s personal style.  The juxtaposition of the vintage painted bench and toile pillows with the contemporary painting and stone garden bench show the owner’s willingness to combine unrelated items to create a room full of interest and surprise.  Stuffy, old style decorating rules have been abandoned and upon entering the room the creativity of the owner is immediately apparent.  

Have fun! Enjoy the experience of demonstrating your personality through your decorating and create a room that shows your own personal style.

The furnishings of the Williams & Martel Collection can help you do just that.  We carry a unique blend of old and new, painted and hand-rubbed finishes that allows you to create rooms that embrace and demonstrate who you are.

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Patricia.DellaTorre@WilliamsMartel.com or Barbara.McCarty@WilliamsMartel.com

Accent with Impact Thursday, Aug 14 2008 


williamsmartelwebsitepictures0043Everyone wants to spruce up their decor once in a while, but not everyone can afford to re-decorate an entire room all at once.  You can update the look of your home, without a complete make-over simply by purchasing a stylish accent piece like the armoire pictured above.  This vintage bamboo armoire was painted by master craftsman in England who have taken great pride to find the most unique pieces and transform them into sophisticated and functional furnishings that will update the look and style of your home. Look for places in your rooms where pieces such as this can be easily added to update and renew your style with minimal cost.  Williams & Martel Home Furnishings is proud to offer a variety of these rare pieces whose artistry will add impact and drama to any room in your home

For purchase inquiries, please contact:

Patricia.DellaTorre@WilliamsMartel.com or Barbara.McCarty@WilliamsMartel.com 

Original Watercolor by Edmund Kmiotek Thursday, Aug 14 2008 

Williams & Martel Home Furnishings is proud to present this beautiful architectural watercolor by award winning artist Edmund Kmiotek.  The artist, who has lived in cities around the world, is well known for capturing the character of these cities in his work with his intricately detailed depictions of their traditional streets and buildings. 

To view other works by Edmund Kmiotek or to make purchase inquiries contact:

Patricia.DellaTorre@WilliamsMartel.com or Barbara.McCarty@WilliamsMartel.com


Everything Old is New Again Monday, Aug 11 2008 

Think that traditional or antique furnishings are old fashioned or stuffy?  Think again!  A combination of traditional, antique and contemporary furniture creates rooms that are unique and creative in style and reveal the distinct personality of their owners.   Our clients are as likely to place a traditional English Chippendale table and painted antique sideboard on top of a zebra rug as a Persian carpet.  We recently sold a beautiful traditional wooden farmhouse table to two twenty-something women who are decorating their first New York City apartment.  They placed the antiqued table underneath an industrial light fixture, next to a glass and steel console table. By blending these diverse elements, they created a sophisticated urban look that is a true reflection of their own timeless style.  


For purchase inquiries please contact:

Patricia.DellaTorre@williamsmartel.com or Barbara.McCarty@williamsmartel.com

Express Your Unique Sense of Style Thursday, Aug 7 2008 

Have you ever noticed that many of the houses of your friends and neighbors have the same look, the same chain store furniture, the same mass market dictated style?  We did too and we set out to look for something different.  We scoured the markets of Europe to find the highest quality hand-crafted solid wood furnishings that would work with a variety of design styles in the American home of today.  We found furniture that will add interest and variety to your home and will set it apart from the cookie cutter look that decorating out of national chain stores creates.  

Express your personalty and show your unique sense of style.

For purchase inquiries and further information contact:

Patricia.DellaTorre@ williamsmartel.com or Barbara.McCarty@williamsmartel.com

The Timeless Style of Quality Wednesday, Aug 6 2008 

Williams & Martel imports heirloom quallity furnishings designed by master craftsman in England who take pride in their artistry.  Each piece is superbly crafted of solid wood with rich finishes and will compliment both traditional and eclectic interiors.   This blend of functionality, quality, and design flexibilty is what sets the Williams & Martel Collection apart from the mass market furniture available at chain stores and has made it a premier source of designer furnishings.

For information and purchase inquiries contact Patricia.DellaTorre@williamsmartel.com or Barbara.McCarty@williamsmartel.com.

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